Sexual Abuse of Children

Accusations of child molestation can be incredibly damaging to a person’s reputation. A conviction of such a charge can permanently and immeasurably alter one’s life. The jail time and subsequent punishment of being required to register as a sex offender are only some of the formal consequences. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these allegations, it can be difficult to obtain a fair trial, regardless of the fact that one is entitled to precisely that.

If you have been accused of sexually abusing a child, it is absolutely essential that you seek legal counsel without delay. The Dallas criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Mark T. Lassiter can help you to build your case and to avoid committing costly errors. Contact us at 214-845-7007 to discuss your case with an understanding criminal defense attorney.

Types of Defense

Children are very suggestible, meaning that investigators have to be incredibly careful in finding out what happened without accidentally putting ideas into a child’s mind. In these kinds of proceedings, it is very easy for a child to pick up on what adults want them to say, causing them to create false memories or outright lie to investigators. Our experienced team of child abuse lawyers can consult a wide variety of professionals who specialize in finding the truth from children, including:

  • Child Psychologists
  • False Memory Syndrome Experts
  • Child Interview Specialists

There are numerous reasons a child might be dishonest or fail to accurately recount actual events. Our lawyers and the experts they consult can help you clear your name of these accusations.

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If you are being accused of sexually abusing a child, the Dallas child molestation lawyers at the Law Office of Mark T. Lassiter can help you. Contact us at 214-845-7007 to begin working to establish a strong defense.

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