Smuggling is the act of illegally transporting goods or people to a forbidden destination or away from the rightful location of such. Usually, the goods moved through smuggling are illegal or taxed heavily. Commonly smuggled items include drugs, guns, people, and animals. Being convicted of smuggling these or other items can result in severe criminal punishments and may permanently alter the course of one’s life.

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Possible Sources of Confusion

There are several reasons why smuggling is prosecuted so severely by the government. In the case of weapons, it is because the goods which have been transported illegally are perceived to pose a direct threat to the welfare of the state’s citizenry. The same is true of narcotics. When it is people who are smuggled, security is one concern, but there is also a frequent connection between human trafficking and various forms of exploitation that the government has an interest in preventing. Accordingly, if you find yourself charged with smuggling, it is critically important that you obtain committed and capable legal representation as soon as possible.

One of the difficulties that you may face is that a prosecutor may be overzealous, particularly in the current political climate, so the following simple mistakes could have led to your current situation:

  • Errors in the manifest
  • Expiration or failure to obtain appropriate licensure for transport
  • Misunderstandings due to language differences
  • Unwitting operation of a motor vehicle which has been loaded with illegal goods

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If you have been accused of smuggling, you will need a dedicated attorney advocating on your behalf. Contact the Dallas smuggling lawyers at the Law Office of Mark T. Lassiter at 214-845-7007 to learn more about how our experienced team of criminal defense lawyers can help you.

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