Man jailed wrongly for nearly 18 years

Recently, it was found that a man was jailed for nearly 18 years for a crime he did not commit.  He received $45 from the state and that is it.

The man received no further compensation and was denied a “pardon of innocence” that he applied for. On March 3, he did receive an ” order of expunction.” If he receives the pardon, the 47-year-old man will receive $750,000, but without the pardon, he will receive nothing.

The man was previously sentenced to life after being accused of raping his 6-year-old stepson. The trial was based primarily on the boy’s testimony and it is now thought that the man’s ex-wife persuaded the boy to tell authorities things that were not true.

In 2007, the man’s case was reviewed and in the summer 2010 it was announced that a mistake has been made. The man stated that he is confident that he will receive the pardon.

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