List of largest cities with highest DUI numbers released

The list of the largest cities in the U.S. that have the highest rate of arrests for driving under the influence, has been released.

The top 10 cities (in random order) are Columbus, Fort Worth, San Diego, San Jose, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Charlotte and San Diego.

This is a serious charge especially when considering that nearly 11,000 of all fatal car accidents last year had a driver with the blood alcohol level over the legal driving limit. These rankings are from DUI charges between Oct. 31, 2010 and Nov. 2011.

The holiday season is popular time for parties and gatherings that may have alcohol at them and this also means that additional highway patrol will be on the roadway. If you or a loved one has been pulled over and charged with drunk driving, contact the DWI defense in DallasĀ  lawyers of the Law Office of Mark T. Lassiter by calling 214-845-7007.

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