Man sentenced to death for murdering rape accuser

Thirty-one -year-old Mesquite, Texas resident Franklin Davis was sentenced to death on the morning of Saturday, November 16 by a jury for the Dallas County Criminal District Court #7 for killing 16-year-old Shania Gray, a teenage babysitter who accused him of sexually assaulting her.

Davis had admitted his guilt in shooting Gray twice in September 2012 at Irving Park after he picked her up at school in Carrolton, and said during the trial that he only did so to keep her from testifying that he raped her, charges which he said were not at all true.

The jury started deliberating on Davis’ case around lunch time on Friday, November 15 and were not finished until the next morning.

Prosecutors were able to strengthen the case against Davis by presenting evidence of sexual assault on other women and an escape from Dallas County jail following an earlier arrest.

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