Jury selection takes place for Kaufman County murders

On Friday, March 28, nearly three thousand Rockwell County’s residents were called for jury selection for the Kaufman County prosecutor killings.

The capital murder case of former justice of the peace Eric Williams, who has been accused of murdering 63-year-old District Attorney Mike McLelland, McLelland’s 65-year-old wife Cynthia, and 57-year-old assistant Kaufman County prosecutor Mark Hasse, was transferred to Rockwall County from Kaufman County due to the amount of publicity the case garnered.

Potential juror members, who will be selected from the pool of attendees, were asked to fill out 28-page questionnaires that asked them their views about the death penalty, the criminal justice system, and law enforcement agencies.

They were also asked if they had any relations to anybody involved in the case, including prosecutors, defense attorneys, or the victims of the crime.

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