Barrio Azteca gang member gets 20 years in jail

32-year-old El Paso, Texas resident and Barrio Azteca gang member Luis Humberto Hernandez Celis was sentenced to 20 years in prison for racketeering, conspiracy, and drug trafficking offenses.

According to federal officials, the Barrio Azteca gang started operating in the late 1980’s as a prison gang and later became a transnational criminal organization based in West Texas and Mexico. The gang has a militaristic command structure that includes “captains,” “lieutenants,” “sergeants,” and “soldiers” who perform criminal activities such as drug trafficking, money laundering, intimidation, threats of violence, and murder. Hernandez Celis said the gang members charge a “street tax” or “cuota” on businesses and criminals who conduct business on their turf.

Money collected is deposited into prison commissary accounts of gang members and used to pay for defense lawyers or is reinvested into the organization to buy drugs, guns, and ammunition.

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Legal questions hound Waco biker shooting

Weeks after the Waco Police Department arrested 177 bikers following a fatal shootout at a Twin Peaks restaurant, no charges have yet been filed in relation to the killings and most of the jailed bikers have been assigned correspondingly high bonds, according to KERA on June 11.

While 99 bikers have been bailed out, 78 remain, still struggling to manage the $1 million bond. The crime they all are being held on is organized crime.

Legal experts said local authorities are facing problems in this situation: the slow process of determining the guilty parties from the innocent makes the whole county ripe for civil rights violations accusations, and the county is burdened with the cost of detaining people who are not guilty of any crimes relating to the shootout.

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Man arrested in Waco shootout speaks out against police

Many of the 180 bikers who were arrested in the wake of a deadly shootout between rival gangs have protested high bail and a slow-moving legal process, the New York Times reported on June 10.

Thirty-year-old Matthew Clendennen, for instance, said he was arrested even though he never pulled out the one weapon he had on his person – a pocketknife with a two-inch blade that he uses at work as a cutter. According to Clendennen, police arrested everyone in the area based on what they looked like rather than if they participated; he said, “automatically in their eyes I was guilty.”

The shootout resulted in the deaths of nine people and the injuries of at least 18 others. Police officials said they confiscated more than 300 weapons within the vicinity of the incident, including over 100 handguns and an AK-47 assault rifle.

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Texas biker gang presents prosecutors with unique challenge

Prosecutors are presented with the unique challenge of deciding what to do with the 174 people who were arrested in the bike gang shootout in Waco a few weeks ago, the Star Tribune reported on May 24.

Capital murder related to organized crime charges have been brought against the bikers, although finding evidence to build a solid case against all of them will be difficult. One criminal defense attorney from Nevada criticized the state for its overreach in arresting so many people.

Although it is not certain how the case will be presented, experts believe prosecutors may offer plea bargains for those with less evidence against them, while pursuing full charges only against those with the most incriminating evidence.

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