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Since the “war on drugs” began in the 1980s, the criminal justice system has sought to address drug-related crimes through strict laws and aggressive enforcement. The penalties associated with conviction for all of these crimes have been heightened, but there has been an effort to scale them according to their perceived degree of threat to the public. Drug trafficking and distribution charges are regarded as more egregious than simple possession charges.

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Defenses against Trafficking and Distribution Charges

Drug trafficking involves the transportation of illegal substances to individuals who will sell them, known as dealers. Distribution charges, in turn, may be brought against the parties who sell the drugs to the users. Because of the fact that these crimes are believed to have a negative impact on a broader portion of the public, they are punished much more harshly than a simple possession charge. The following are some defenses against the charges which may apply in your case:

  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Unlawful arrest

Sufficient evidence for conviction typically includes packaged drugs, plastic bags, large amounts of cash, and a scale.

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