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Many Texans hit the water when the heat of the summer sets in. Spending time on a boat is relaxing and a source of enjoyment. Frequently, individuals on a boat will consume alcoholic beverages. It is not illegal for a boat operator to drink while operating a boat in Texas, however it is illegal to be in control of the boat with a blood alcohol content (BAC) over .08.

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Repercussions of a Texas BWI

Each state is allowed to determine the punishments that will be imposed for a BWI conviction. In the state of Texas, a BWI is prosecuted as a class B demeanor. This is far different from the serious offenses and punishments associated with a Texas DWI or DUI. However, there are still repercussions to a BWI conviction. It is punishable by up to 72 hours in prison.

Although this time period may seem short, the effect a BWI can have on your life extends much longer. It may affect your reputation or even your ability to get a job. Moreover, if you are on probation or have a record of alcohol-related offenses in the past, you could face additional penalties.

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