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Texas has strict expunction laws that, in most cases, will not allow an individual to remove a criminal offense from his or her record. Individuals can never remove felony convictions from their records, but with the help of an experienced expunction lawyer, they may be able to expunge some misdemeanor offenses.

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What Can Be Expunged

Most commonly, Texas allows expunctions for arrest records. That is, an individual who was arrested in Texas may have the record of that arrest expunged from his or her record, but only if one of the following conditions is true:

  • The individual was found innocent
  • The individual was pardoned
  • An appeals court acquitted the individual
  • The charges against the individual were dropped

Texas also allows expunctions for Class C Misdemeanors, which are the least serious crimes with which an individual can be charged. An individual can only have a Class C misdemeanor discharged from his or her record if:

  • The individual successfully completed deferred adjudication
  • The individual goes five consecutive years without a felony conviction

When an individual meets the above criteria either for arrest records or Class C misdemeanors, he or she may want to contact a Dallas expunction lawyer for more information about petitioning for expunction.

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