Attorney Profile

Mark T. Lassiter, J.D. is one of Dallas’ premier criminal defense attorneys and is dedicated to helping his clients with cases involving criminal charges ranging from misdemeanors to major felony offenses. Mr. Lassiter gained an unparalleled insight into the Texas legal system during his term as Dallas County District Attorney and has converted this knowledge into a practical tool to use in the courtroom. Because of his dedication to every one of his clients, Mark T. Lassiter has earned a reputation as a tenacious and compassionate criminal defense lawyer. He is prepared to help individuals who have been charged with:

  • Driving with a Suspended License
  • Assault
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Marijuana Possession
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Theft/ Burglary

Criminal accusations can result in severe penalties if the individual is found guilty of the alleged crime. Finding representation you can trust is extremely important in protecting your future.


Mark T. Lassiter received his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University. After graduating with honors from the Business School, he moved to the South Texas College of Law and began to fine tune his law of legal practices. By participating in activities such as Mock Trial, Mr. Lassiter was able to make the most of his law school years and fully explore his talents as an attorney.

  • B.A., Texas A&M University- Business Management
  • J.D. South Texas College of Law

Experience and Dedication

During his professional career, Mark T. Lassiter has made it a point to participate in multiple organizations in order to ensure he is familiar with all effective litigation practices. These include:

  • Dallas Bar Association
  • American Association for Justice
  • Texas Young Lawyers Association
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Assocation
  • Dallas Association of Young Lawyers- Criminal Law Committee
  • Former Dallas Country Prosecutor

Founding Member

  • Barrett Bright Lassiter Linder

Military Experience

Airborne Infantry

Upon joining the army, Mark T. Lassiter became in Airborne Infantryman. At the time he was only 18 years old and excited to join the 143rd Lon Range Surveillance Team (LRS). This group of soldiers was organized to fly in or near enemy territory, parachute down to the area of land claimed by the opposition, and report back any useful information gathered. These types of high intensity missions trained Mr. Lassiter in the importance of tactful, efficient work and how to work towards a goal. Since graduation from law school, these lessons have been turned into useful tools for effective criminal defense representation.


After completion of his service with the 13rd Long Range Surveillance Team, Mark T. Lassiter began a term as a gunner in the M1 Abrams, A2 tank. While being trained, he received recognition as the honor graduate of his section of trainees.

Officer Candidate School/ Judge Advocate General

While serving as a tank gunner, Mr. Lassiter was selected to apply for a position at the Officer Candidate School. This organization is designed to work with enlisted soldiers and help them strengthen the leadership skills needed for officer positions. Mr. Lassiter successfully graduated from this program and received honors for his excellent work during training.

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