4 Common Types of Identity Theft

If you have been accused of stealing another person’s identity, you are facing serious consequences in the event of a conviction. This charge has become more and more common in recent years as people entrust more and more information to the internet. This information can be all too easy to get a hold of leading to thousands of incidences of identity theft every year.

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Identity Theft Crimes

Identity theft can be as small as stealing a credit card number or as serious as “cloning,” a term for the act of trying to live completely under a false identity. The following are four different forms of identity theft crimes:

  1. Criminal – Using a false identity at time of arrest
  2. Synthetic – Combining multiple people’s identities to create a new one
  3. Medical – Using a false identity to obtain medical records or use medical benefits
  4. Financial – Using a social security number or other information to apply for credit cards, open bank accounts, etc.

With the increasing reliance upon computer and network technologies to conduct important business, there is an ever-increasing likelihood that one might be suspected of identity theft.

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