Common Drug Possession Defenses

Being up against a drug possession charge can be extremely frightening and overwhelming, as the punishments for drug possession are often very harsh. Possession of even the smallest amount of drugs have punishments that include large fines and mandatory imprisonment. If you are facing drug possession charges, having legal assistance to defend yourself from the severe punishments that come with this kind of allegation is vital to increasing your chances of a more favorable outcome.

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Drug Possession Defenses

While it may seem impossible to fight drug possession charges, there are numerous ways a criminal defense attorney can try and protect you from conviction. Some of the most common drug possession defenses include:

  • Demanding the prosecution prove the drugs belong to you
  • Claiming your belongings were searched illegally
  • Claiming entrapment
  • Asking to see the evidence in court

Additionally, you can claim that the alleged drugs were not drugs and order the evidence to be analyzed scientifically to prove what it is. A qualified defense lawyer will choose a defense that is most likely to reduce or dismiss your charges.

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If you have been accused of drug possession, a Dallas criminal lawyer at the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter may be able to help you defend your freedoms and rights. Call our Dallas criminal defense lawyers at 214-845-7007 to learn more about how we can serve you.

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