Criminal Contempt of Court

While most people tend to automatically treat their courtroom experience with respect, many of us do not realize that not doing so can be punished by law. Being held in contempt of court is the result of acting disrespectfully to the judge, the courtroom, or the legal process. People who are held in contempt of court may face further charges in addition to the ones which originally put them in court.

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Consequences of Criminal Contempt

Criminal contempt charges are designed to punish the person’s actions and dissuade them from repeating their disrespect of the court. Criminal contempt of court is punishable by fines and jail time. A defendant for contempt of court charge has all of the same rights as any other defendant, and the charge must be proven beyond reasonable doubt just like other kinds of cases. However, a person who is has been found in contempt of court can be imprisoned right away, rather than after the charge is adjudicated.

Disrespecting the honor of a court is a serious offense that does not help a person’s chances in obtaining a favorable outcome in their original case. Being held in contempt of a court can lead to criminal contempt charges that are not easy to fight. These trials are often presided over by the judge who held the defendant in contempt to begin with, making them even more difficult. However, our skilled Dallas criminal defense lawyers will do their best to help you successfully defend yourself from this charge.

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