Deep Lung Air Devices

Drinking while intoxicated (DWI) convictions have many punishments associated with them. While most people know not to drink and drive, it still occurs at an astonishing rate. The punishment associated with DWI can increase dramatically with repeat offenses. This is to help keep the roads safe while discouraging people from repeating their former crimes.

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Forced Breathalyzers

Because of the high incidence of repeat DWI offenders, one of the penalties for a second offense is the installation of a deep lung air device in the offender’s car. These are onboard breathalyzers that a driver is required to pass before being able to start their car. Some models also require periodic breaths while the car is being driven. These devices can also be installed as part of the probation requirements after a first-time offense.

Onboard breathalyzers are a controversial matter. Some people believe that they trample the principle that we are innocent until proven guilty, but the government affirms they are a matter of public safety.

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