Defense Against Murder Charges: Mistaken Identity

People convicted of murder face some of the most severe legal punishments possible. However, there are many ways to defend yourself against murder charges. One of the most obvious defenses against murder is rejecting the accusation outright. This is called a mistaken identity defense because the defendant claims that the prosecution is accusing the wrong individual.

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The Mistaken Identity Defense

Rejecting a murder accusation in court requires a lot of hard work and strong evidence. A mistaken identity defense attempts to refuse the charges outright. One of the most important aspects of a mistaken identity defense is a strong alibi that removes you from the scene of the crime. Having the evidence to strengthen to your alibi, such as receipts or witnesses who saw you away from the scene of the crime, can substantially help your case.

At the same time, questioning the integrity of the evidence and witnesses against you is also a viable component of the mistaken identity murder defense. This can make the jury doubt the validity of the charges against you.

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