Defenses against Murder Charges

There are few criminal charges which are quite as grave as those related to murder. Accordingly, it is natural for those who find themselves accused of such an act to be deeply concerned about how their case will proceed. One important thing to bear in mind at such a time is that it can be very difficult for the prosecution to adequately prove its case in a murder trial. The responsibility of the defense is merely to demonstrate that there is cause for reasonable doubt of the prosecution’s version of events.

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Murder Defenses

Murders are hard to prove because the prosecution must display to the jury that a person has beyond all reasonable doubt willfully and intentionally carried out a plan to end another person’s life. There is a lot of room for doubt within the definition of murder. Our capable defense attorneys understand how to exploit these areas of doubt as part of a defense strategy.

There are two primary approaches to murder defenses. The first is rejecting the idea that the accused killer is the one who actually committed the crime. This can be done through providing strong alibis, attacking the character of the prosecution’s witnesses, presenting exculpatory evidence, and other means. Another approach to murder defenses is admitting that the accused took the victim’s life, but contending that he or she did so in a manner that was justified, such as in self defense or in the line of their duties.

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