First Degree Murder

Murder is a serious crime that is subdivided into varying degrees of severity; the punishments for a murder conviction depend on the degree of the murder charge. These charges generally depend on the accused person’s intentions when committing the crime and the other circumstances of the case. In Texas, first degree murder is defined as the crime of willfully planning to kill a specific person and then doing so.

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Proving First Degree Murder

First degree murder differs from second degree murder, manslaughter, and other such crimes according to the accused’s intentions while committing the crime. If there was no intent to kill, the crime cannot be defined as first degree murder. To be convicted of first degree murder, the prosecutor must prove in a court of law that the defendant intentionally killed a specific person.

In Texas, a first degree murder conviction can potentially be met with life in prison, if not the death penalty, both of which are the most serious legal consequences a person can face.

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