Legal Gun Possession

Texas has a reputation for its relaxed views on the ownership of firearms. Texans are proud of their Second Amendment right and do not take kindly to perceived infringements upon those rights. As a result, the gun laws in Texas are not typically very intrusive. However, there are instances where it may be contested whether one’s ownership of a gun is legal or is in violation of the law.

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When Can You Carry a Firearm

In Texas, there is no required permit or license required to purchase many kinds of firearms. There is, however, a required licensing and examination process for people who wish to carry concealed handguns. This process trains people in the responsible possession of concealed handguns. People with concealed handgun licenses are expected to uphold certain standards of judgment.

Carrying a firearm in the open is legal under specific circumstances, including:

  • On your own property
  • On the way to your property (Walking to your car, for example)
  • On hunting grounds that you control

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your gun possession charge, however, it is critically important for you to seek legal counsel and representation.

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