What is Mayhem?

The word mayhem is usually used to describe a state of violent or damaging disorder, such as a riot or battle. However, the word’s original definition was more savage than the destruction and wildness with which we associate it today. Originally, the word mayhem was used to describe the crime of intentionally and permanently cutting off limbs, maiming, mutilating, or causing disfigurations to another person. Mayhem is a felony, meaning it is punishable by long periods of jail time and hefty fines.

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Mayhem Litigation

In the past, mayhem originally described crimes where a person lost a body part that would help them defend themselves in battle. It was mayhem to puncture an eye or chop off a limb, but harming a person’s ears or nose was not seen as disabling enough to constitute this crime. Since then, the definition has been expanded to include all mutilations, crippling, and disfigurements.

In present times, mayhem is an uncommon crime that falls under the classification of aggravated battery. Most charges of mayhem are faulty and difficult to prove. In most cases, police charge a person with mayhem in relation to bite marks that occur during fights, and prosecutors have a difficult time proving that the bite marks were intentional. Proving intent is a major part of mayhem defense.

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