Why is the Sixth Amendment Important?

The United States Constitution grants the citizens of this nation numerous rights that cannot be taken away. The first ten additions, or amendments, made to the Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights and contain some of our most cherished legal protections. The Sixth Amendment outlines important rights concerning criminal trials. Many of us take these rights for granted, but without these rights, the legal system could easily become corrupted, punishing the innocent and guilty alike.

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Sixth Amendment Rights

The rights granted to every US citizen in the Sixth Amendment are designed to protect defendants in criminal trials from being treated unjustly. They are mostly rules surrounding the structure and execution of trials. The Sixth Amendment confers on defendants the right to:

  • A speedy trial
  • Cross-examine witnesses brought against them
  • Be informed of the charges brought against them
  • Legal counsel
  • An impartial jury

Violation of these rights can cause a mistrial or even overturn guilty verdicts.

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