Montgomery judge will not suppress 2005 deposition testimony of Bill Cosby

Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill ruled last Monday, December 5 that he would not suppress the testimony that 79-year-old stand-up comedian and actor Bill Cosby made in a 2005 deposition in relation to his recent sexual assault case.

Cosby’s attorneys said that he only testified in the 2005 deposition under the explicit understanding that he would not get charged for his 2004 encounter with his accuser, Andrea Constand. To this, O’Neill responded in writing, “This court concludes that there was neither an agreement nor a promise not to prosecute, only an exercise of prosecutorial discretion.”

In the 2005 deposition, Cosby admitted that he engaged in relations with young women, many of whom claim that he used drugs to molest them. The testimony’s release in 2015 made prosecutors reopen Constand’s 2005 criminal complaint.

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Rapper Lil Twist faces six felonies in connection with assault case

Twenty-two-year-old rapper Christopher Lynn Moore, more popularly known as Lil Twist, was charged on March 23 with six felonies, including criminal threats, burglary, grand theft, battery, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon in relation to an assault case that occurred in Los Angeles in November 2014, the Boombox reported.

After an altercation at actor Kyle Massey’s apartment, Moore was kicked out. He later returned with four other men and broke into the apartment. He used brass knuckles to beat up Massey’s brother, Chris. This was the “deadly weapon” mentioned in the charges. If convicted of all charges, Moore could be facing up to 25 years in prison.

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Bar fight lands Columbus Short with battery, assault charges

Thirty-seven-year-old actor from the TV series Scandal Columbus Short pleaded not guilty to felony battery charges resulting from a bar fight that occurred at a restaurant in Rancho Park, Los Angeles Times reported on May 15.

Short’s defense attorney, Jeff Jacquet, planned to use legal strategies in order to fast-track the case. However, Deputy District Attorney David Schorr said this is unlikely to pass due to the severity of the injuries inflicted, a report from the Associated Press stated. Schorr said Short hit the man with great force, causing him to fall and land on the asphalt. He was left unconscious with a fracture in his left eye socket.

Short is currently involved in other cases related to violence, such as domestic violence for allegedly assaulting his estranged wife, Tanee. She filed a restraining order against Short in April after claiming that Short held a knife to her throat and threatened that he would slash her car’s tires.

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