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Each robbery case is different. For example, simple robbery may be elevated to armed robbery when it involves the presence of a weapon. Armed robbery is often punished more severely than other kinds of robbery. For this reason, it is vital for accused robbers to work closely with an attorney to create a personalized defense strategy.

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Consequences of Armed Robbery

If an accused robber is found with a weapon, such as a gun or a knife, they may find themselves facing a charge of armed robbery. This is often considered a felony offense. Crimes that involve weapons may result in severe consequences, including:

  • Long periods of incarceration
  • Heavy fines
  • The loss of your firearm license
  • A felony conviction on your record

An accusation of armed robbery can seriously complicate your life. Because the stakes are so high, it is crucial to make sure that your rights are respected. Discuss your case with a trusted attorney to find out about your legal options.

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