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There are over a million incidents of grand theft auto each year in the United States. This crime is also known as “motor vehicle theft.” Many grand theft auto cases never reach court. However, if you are accused of grand theft auto, it is important to understand your legal options.

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What is Grand Theft Auto?

Grand theft auto describes any theft of a motor vehicle. Sometimes, simply attempting to steal a vehicle may constitute grand theft auto. There are many ways to incur a charge of motor vehicle theft. Some common circumstances that result in a grand theft auto charge are:

  • Joyriding (stealing a car for a short time)
  • Car theft
  • Truck theft
  • Boat theft
  • Vehicular breaking and entering

Grand theft auto is a common crime among juveniles, but it also occurs among adults. In any case, a conviction can result in long-term consequences such as jail time. Whatever the circumstances of your grand theft auto charge, you have the right to a vigorous legal defense.

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